Most organizations have untapped potential to save money with waste disposal, but they often need the know-how to start. They may be unaware of the recyclable materials scattered throughout their premises or unsure about the necessary processes. Moreover, they might not have an in-house expert to assess the fiscal viability of their waste disposal practices. This is where Midwest Fiber Recycling, a trusted name with extensive industry experience and expertise, steps in.

Great organizational recycling programs save your company money in waste disposal, showcase your sustainable efforts, and even offer real-time recycling payment and reporting. Many programs or even simple company initiates start wisely; however, they rarely follow the dynamic patterns of the company or the economy. It’s wise to evaluate.

The most effective approach is to conduct a comprehensive Waste Assessment. This service is designed to identify all potential opportunities for your organization. It provides you with tailored recommendations and offers a wealth of benefits. Here’s how it works:

  1. Analysis. First, we schedule a call to learn more about your organization, your goals, objectives, and provide an introduction to Midwest Fiber. In addition, we’ll take a deep dive into your organization’s current practices and challenges it faces to determine next steps.
  2. Alignment. After collecting data, we’ll collaborate with you and your team to find the perfect solution for your organization. Once a proposal has been submitted, our team will work with you to execute an agreement based on your organization’s goals and needs.
  3. Adoption. Next, your organization will be assigned an account manager with whom you’ll be working closely with. Your account manager will first assist with customer training, getting you portal access, initial load audit and feedback, and help set up your account.
  4. Account Management. Once your account is established, your account manager will coordinate material pickup, processing, new product, and payment with your organization. Throughout the year, your account manager will schedule meetings where they will discuss industry updates, annual reviews, load audits, and any other additional information that might be beneficial for your organization!


With over three decades of experience in the environmental space, Midwest Fiber Recycling has been a trusted partner in helping organizations develop wise recycling programs. We utilize our expertise to help you save money and support sustainable practices. Is it time to refresh your recycling practices? How much money can you save? Contact our team today to set up a corporate Waste Assessment and see how your organization can benefit.