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Residential Recycling

To make recycling easier and increase participation, Midwest Fiber Recycling constructed a new $8 million state-of-the-art single-stream materials recovery facility at its Normal, Illinois location. The 86,400 square foot facility serves as a single-stream recycling hub for all of Central Illinois. Single-stream recycling allows recyclable materials such as paper, glass, cardboard, and plastic to be mixed or co-mingled in one container without being separated. With the capacity to handle all of your recycling needs, we encourage you to call 800-779-9677 to see how we can assist with your business’s needs.

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Acceptable Materials

Ever wonder what should and shouldn’t go in your home’s recycling bin? Check out this helpful guide to acceptable single-stream materials.

*If you can’t find your materials here, they shouldn’t go in the recycling bin

Easy Recycling Tips

  • Place items in recycling bin lose. Do not put in plastic bag
  • Flatten boxes
  • If plastic held a food-grade product, it is generally acceptable


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