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Customer Recycling Portal

Our real time recycling portal  provides you with  secure and immediate access to your shipping, payment and pricing information from anywhere at any time.  No more waiting until the end of the month to see how much you are going to get paid or how much material you recycled.  The easy to use free tool can be assessed 24/7 directly from our website free of charge to our customers.  Not only does it give you real time information but also give you measured recycling efforts like how many trees your recycling has saved and how many barrels of oil.  These numbers are great to share with your team to build morale around your companies recycling goals.

Real-time Information

On-demand access to shipment details, summary reporting and contract information is available for customers and suppliers directly from our website. You can drill down to view important details, including load details, statuses, contract terms and more. You can also export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Measure Recycling Efforts

Your trading and recycling partners can instantly evaluate their recycling efforts with a material distribution chart that displays recycled tonnage with user definable categories. Information is gathered based on actual tonnage and distribution of recycled commodities. It also features an Environmental Impact Statement, based on EPA guidelines, that makes it easier for customers to measure the performance of their recycling program.

Customer Recycling Portal
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