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Industrial Recycling

Midwest Fiber Recycling works with your business to customize a recycling  program that helps meets the needs of your facility.  For some of our customers  that is helping to meet corporate diversion goals, for some they want to reduce waste and help the environment, and some realize the value in the materials that are being thrown away and want to turn a expense into a revenue stream.  What ever your situation reach out to Midwest Fiber Representative today.

Industries include:


Waste Assessment

Midwest Fiber Recycling understands that large commercial and industrial sites will have unique waste streams and often a rotating generation of materials within those sites. We have worked to find solutions for everyone from food additive manufacturers to seed plants to the retail distribution centers and beyond. This is why we offer professional waste assessments that: identify the materials generated and their generation points, detail current processes and procedures, outline current costs, and offer solutions to recycle these materials. Waste assessments can improve your bottom line while growing your green footprint.

Call or contact us today to learn more about business recycling or to schedule your Waste Assessment.

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