Whether you’re shopping online and having items shipped to you, mailing products to a customer, or moving materials from one location to another, you’re probably going to run across (but hopefully not trip over) a cardboard box!

 Once used boxes 2

Becoming the most popular packaging material after replacing wooden crates in the early 20th century, cardboard boxes have proven to be a practical and economical staple in the world of commerce.

Light-weight and affordable, cardboard is also sought after in the commodities market as a recycled raw material.

Recycling boxes is usually the best end-of-product life option from a sustainability standpoint, since it keeps bulky fiber out of the landfill and makes it useful to domestic and international mills.

However, what should be done when commercial cardboard boxes come to a recycling plant in excellent condition?

This scenario is common in the commercial food packaging/production industry, because there are more strict packaging standards, and food-grade boxes are lightly-used before being discarded. Hurrah for clean food!

The result?

Food-grade boxes that come to a Materials Recovery Facility like Midwest Fiber are prime candidates for resale as opposed to recycling. This means that boxes are still kept out of the landfill and used in their current state without any additional processing or energy costs associated with a recycling program.

What can this do for you?

When you need a cardboard box for:

Climb out of the box

  • Moving to a new house,
  • Transporting products from one plant location to another,
  • Shipping materials to customers,
  • Storing supplies,
  • Constructing giant cardboard towers, etc…

You now have a lower-priced option than a brand new cardboard box that’s of comparable quality! You can order the size you need in the quantity you need for the job you need done.

And we can help!

To find specific box sizes and quantities, please call us at (217) 424-9460.

We’d love to help you find an out-of-the-box green solution!