We developed our Recycling Portal to give our customers more control over managing their recycling programs.  Over time we have found that the more real-time data they have access to, the easier it is to predict their recycling program’s income.  For some customers, the impact their recycling efforts have on the environment is most important, and for others, it is how much money the program will bring in.  The portal gives our customers real-time access to both impact and income.

One of our Recycling Portal’s many features is the Environmental Calculator, giving you real-time data on your recycling program’s impact.  It is customizable by the week, month, or year.  Customers love sharing that information with their employees to show them the impact of their efforts and the areas of improvement.

Our customers have always had access to reports with our help, but now that they have access to the Recycling Portal, they can run the report themselves.  They are able to do it how they want, when they want, the way they want.  The portal can show recycling trends and better predict their recycling program’s income.

Technology is changing how we do things in the recycling world, and Midwest Fiber has a few major changes.

  • Our unloaders now carry a tablet that ties directly back into the customer portal. This allows us to be portable, and we can share that portal information with each customer to help improve the value of their material.    
  • Several of our plants have a fire protection system called Fire Rover that provides 24/7 fire monitoring and suppression. 

Not only is our recycling portal technology changing the game, but we are upgrading some of our equipment to support these new technologies as well.  Some of our vertical balers now have WIFI capabilities.  Remotely we can monitor how many bales a baler is producing.  We can also use that same information to check the performance of a baler. 

For example, if we were to pick up bales from a customer and found the bales to be lighter than normal.  We could log into the baler and find the issue.  In this case, the operator could be tying the bales off early, which would cause the bales to be light and extra wire to be used.

 The Recycling Portal is here to make your life easier.  We can give our customers real-time access to data with the ability to look at historical data as well.  Improving and applying technology will be a key focus for the recycling industry to ensure a brighter and greener future.