Material Brokerage

Midwest Fiber has a unique position over most other material brokerage companies when it comes to marketing material direct to mill.  With Midwest Fiber owning FIVE of its own processing facilities this gives Midwest the distinict advantage  to combine volumes from our plants and our customers giving us the uability to sell direct, increasing your financial return.


  • We help large volume generators of recycling get the best value for their materials by combining with the total material generated in our plants
  • Midwest Fiber promptly pays for your material. No waiting for the paper mill to pay.
  • Midwest Fiber specializes in marketing multiple types of fiber, plastics, and metals in both full and partial semi loads
  • Midwest Fiber can sell and move materials efficiently all over the world – giving you the best value for your material
  • Midwest Fiber markets over 1,100 trucks per month of materail


Let Midwest fiber become your trusted If you have recyclables to sell or want to learn more about our brokerage services, contact Midwest Fiber today at 1-800-779-6977.

Material Brokerage
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