Did you know that the month of December holds record high recycling tonnages in curbside programs?


As people shop for Christmas gifts, receive packages in the mail, and prepare meals for family gatherings, recyclable packaging becomes abundant in the forms of cardboard boxes, chipboard, plastic bottles, and more!


There are many opportunities to recycle during the holidays, but consequently contamination levels at recycling facilities also rise during this time of year. This kind of contamination refers to any item that’s not acceptable in your curbside recycling program.


Keep an eye out for the following common contamination items:


  • Plastic Stretch Wrap
  • Plastic Bags
  • Ribbons and Fabric
  • Batteries
  • Christmas Lights
  • Other Electronics
  • Toys

As you probably noticed, some of the above materials may be recyclable in special programs and collections. However, they are not acceptable in the curbside bin.