Back to Basics

Although Americans have been recycling since the 1960s, many questions and misconceptions surround the subject. The fact is, paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin, and plastics are vital materials for manufacturing around the world. When you take advantage of your business’s recycling program, your recycling contractor collects them, sorts and processes them, and then helps them find their way to a manufacturing facility. Companies purchase these recycled materials to make new products, which are sent back into the stream of consumer goods.

Without collecting these commodities and reusing them to create new products, the supply chain would have to rely on virgin materials. Raw materials, like trees and bauxite ore, from which aluminum is made, usually have a higher cost to collect, process, and convert to a finished product and consume a lot more energy to convert. Using recycled materials can lower the manufacturing costs and, in turn, the cost to consumers. Not to mention saving precious natural resources.

As a business, your recycling plan should be maximized not only for environmental impact but also for financial benefit. And with the environment top-of-mind in many new government regulations, it is not only good but necessary to have a program in place. When done properly, a commercial recycling program, with the right equipment for the job, can pay dividends.

Breaking the Recycling Stigma

Many of these questions arise from a lingering stigma around those companies in the waste and recycling industry. Rest assured, when you work with Midwest Fiber, you are working with a dependable, time-tested, and trusted partner. Over the past 30 years, Midwest Fiber has expanded to multiple sites across Illinois and Indiana, all of them environmentally compliant. Each location has the equipment to make the processing of your recyclables efficient. We have standard equipment like balers, forklifts, and loaders, but we also have state-of-the-art sorting processes that give us the unique capability to handle many different types of material in multiple forms. The combination of proficiency and innovation means that your recycling program with Midwest Fibers will give you the most bang for your buck.

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