Midwest Fiber’s Proven Recycling Process

Over the following several blogs, the Midwest Fiber newsletter will present a three-part series on our proven recycling process. We’ll walk you through each step to help you understand the strategy and philosophy behind what makes our business work and our customers successful in their recycling programs.

In the last newsletter, we covered the first two steps of the Midwest Fiber Proven Process, Analysis, and Alignment. You can read it here

Step 3 – Adoption

The third step is “Adoption.” Once the agreement is in place, it’s time to get your new recycling program rolling. This includes delivering and installing any new equipment and complete training for your employees. This ensures the equipment is used correctly and safely. We’ll also instruct your team on any new or adjusted steps in your recycling process.

Along with training, your company will also be assigned an account manager. This person is your main point of contact at Midwest Fiber. Your account manager will be there to ensure from the start that your program is running effectively and the way it was designed. They’ll also be on hand to audit your first load and give you ongoing feedback to make sure your program continues to operate efficiently to maximize value and minimize labor.

One of the great benefits of working with Midwest Fiber is our customer portal. The portal is a real-time, 24/7 access point to the success of your program. Here, you can track your progress in what’s being recycled at your business, what the environmental impact is, shipping details, financial details, and more.

You can also use the portal to run and share reports on load details, statuses, contract terms, and more for further analysis. Our completely secure portal is only available to Midwest Fiber partners.

Are you looking to re-evaluate your recycling program? Contact the experts at Midwest Fiber and get started with our Proven Process today.

Recycling Advantages for Businesses

We know that recycling is good for the planet – but there are a lot of benefits to businesses beyond positive environmental impact. Have you considered how your environmental stewardship will benefit employee retention? Particularly in the up-and-coming generations, employees want to know that their places of business are doing what they can to be good guardians. This includes trying to offset the carbon footprint created by their company. Recycling goes a long way in reducing your footprint and creating a positive image of your business. It also helps when attracting and retaining employees.

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