Not Just Paper Recycling

It’s true that our name is Midwest Fiber. But while fiber is in our history, recycling markets have changed over the last 30 years, and we have grown along with them. At Midwest Fiber, certainly, our team can identify, develop, and help implement a robust recycling program behind just paper.  In fact, our fastest-growing sector is plastic. Plastic is a major point of emphasis as we continue to see a rise in plastic packaging.

For many companies, paper is just a starting point when it comes to your recycling programs. But many times, it’s hard to think past that.  But what about your plastic film, containers, and other plastic packaging.  Those can be recycled. Here are some recyclable goods to consider at your business:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft Poly-lined bags
  • Multiwall- Kraft bags
  • Poly Super sacks
  • Plastic packing
  • Plastic film

That’s also why a waste assessment with Midwest Fiber Recycling is a great idea. We can review all of your waste streams and make sure that you’re making the most out of your recycling program. We help businesses reach green initiatives and send less to landfills. And remember, the more that you recycle, the better your return will be.

Midwest also offers specialized services to Injection Molders, Blow Molders, Film & Sheet, Rotational Molders, Thermoformers, Extruders, Automotive, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

Plastics Recycling

Midwest is always looking to buy PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, PC-ABS, Nylon in regrind, Purge, Parts, Sheets, Chunks, Powder, Repro, Virgin or Prime

  • Strong markets for post-industrial (pre-consumer) and post-consumer material
  • Warehouse and Silo cleanouts
  • Ability to take combo loads with multiple grades
  • Brokerage services that buys and sells material throughout the US and Canada
  • We take pride in providing our processors and end-users with consistent and quality material

So, whether you’re a part supplier with small amounts of plastic waste and large amounts of paper waste or a large plastics supplier with regular semi-loads of plastic waste and just a small amount of paper, we’ve got you covered. At Midwest Fiber Recycling, we have a comprehensive program that can handle all of your recycling and secure shredding needs. If you’re looking to create a plan, audit your current services, or you just have questions about what is recyclable at your business, contact the experts at Midwest Fibers. Call today at 1-800-779-6977 or visit us online at