Midwest Fiber’s Proven Process

Not all recyclers and recycling programs are created equal. And every business is unique. To ensure that you have the right service and equipment in place, Midwest Fiber uses our proven process to evaluate your recycling program and help develop a customized approach for your company’s needs. At Midwest Fiber, we understand that everyone is busy. That’s why we’ve adopted a four-step process to simplify the evaluation and implementation and provide ongoing account management.

Our recommendations often include processing equipment to make your program efficient and maximize your revenue. In most cases, we have the items in stock and can have them delivered or installed in your building in just a few weeks. Here is some of the standard equipment we have on hand:


A baler compresses your sorted, recycled materials like aluminum, shrink wrap, plastic, or cardboard into small bales. These bales are then tied off with wire or strapping and expelled from the machine.


You can collect all recyclable materials in a compactor. Once full, the materials are crushed. This allows businesses to keep large volumes of materials in a smaller space. When full, the entire container unit is collected and emptied.


If you have a lot of plastic or metal banding, choppers are used to cut it into small pieces to save on space. A 30-yard dump box of loose banding can fit into two 55-gallon drums after it’s been chopped.


When you have a lot of materials to store or ship, Gaylord boxes may be the answer. These are bulk-sized, corrugated containers. Most of them are, themselves, recyclable materials and can be easily picked up and hauled away.

As with all processes, the most important element is having the right equipment for the job. With so many options, it’s best to contact experts like the team at Midwest Fiber to make sure that your waste stream is assessed and the right tools are in place. It’s just one more way Midwest Fiber helps you get the most out of your recycling program


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