Brokerage Brings Advantage

It’s no surprise when you work with Midwest Fiber, you’ll get a recycling plan specially designed for your business and has a great return on your time and investment in the program. But Midwest Fiber does far more than collect your recycled goods. In addition to assessment, consultation, and collection, Midwest Fiber also has a dedicated staff focusing on direct mill brokerage. We have found a unique position in the market to help our large volume generators of recycling get the best value for their materials. Combined with the total material generated in our own plants, we have greater leverage to get a higher value on your paper and plastic sales. While traditional brokers work from an office or home buying and selling, Midwest Fiber is a processor as well, giving us the unique ability to sell direct, increasing your financial return.



We own and operate recycling facilities, and we understand the challenges and importance of on-time trucking, fair prices, and timely payments. The team at Midwest Fiber brings operational knowledge and industrial experience to our brokerage arm. And that’s why the brokerage of recycled goods is the fastest-growing segment of our business.



Our clients see us as trusted partners because of the additional expertise covering the process, from collecting recyclable goods to their sales. They know that when we collect their commodities, we’ll also be able to sell them at or above market value, getting them the biggest return on their recycling program. And we know that when we do our job well, everyone benefits.



If you have recyclables to sell or want to learn more about our brokerage services, contact Midwest Fiber today by visiting us online at or calling 1-800-779-6977. See how our brokerage team can use our knowledge and expertise to become trusted partners in your recycling efforts.