Core Values

We didn’t talk about core values when Midwest Fiber Recycling was founded over 30 years ago.   There was just a belief to provide exceptional customer service, never say “NO” before first exhausting all options, and treat customers fairly.

While those principles still hold true today, over the years, the team at Midwest Fiber has been able to take those same beliefs and put them in our core values to be shared with all. These values and beliefs have propelled Midwest Fiber to a multiple-state recycling operation and a growing brokerage division marketing material in over 23 states

Walk in their shoes

  • At Midwest Fiber, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes when making decisions.
  • We use empathy and concern for others to dictate our actions and make sure that we’re making choices that are in our clients’ best interests.
  • It also means that our team is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. And we’re team players, so whether we’re called on to lead or assist, we’re always ready to jump in.
  • We know this only works when we put our own self-interest aside and work for the greater good of our organization and our clients. Sometimes that means we look at things from someone else’s perspective because looking at things differently can change the entire picture.

Climb the Mountain

  • A mountain climber sees an obstacle and is determined to find a way around it, and so do we.
  • Just like the climber, we’re constantly looking for the best way to the top, even if it’s different from our original plan.
  • Mountain climbers will encounter many things that are out of their control, rain, wind, snow, or a fallen tree. They can’t control the weather or the mountain, but they can control their attitude.
  • That same attitude of flexibility and humility will inevitably help us serve our clients and help them reach their goals.
  • We emulate the mountain climber when we take the experiences and learn from them. And like the mountain climber, we may have to take a calculated risk to reach our goal.

Create Steam

  • At 211°, water is exceedingly hot. But at 212°, it boils and becomes steam.
  • That one degree of difference creates enough energy to run a train, generate power, and produce electricity.
  • We are always looking at how we can give just a little extra to get that extra degree.


Pure Play Recycler

At Midwest Fiber, our leadership understands that having no ownership in a landfill makes us different than others. It means that building a recycling program that benefits your bottom line makes us successful. Our industry knowledge and experience and multiple processing facilities allow us to offer unparalleled service. All of that leads to more success for our customers.

Interested in how our core values can work in your favor? Contact the experts at Midwest Fiber. Experience customer service at its finest and get started with our Proven Process today.

Direct to Mill

One of the benefits of working with Midwest Fiber is our five processing facilities. Because of the volume of materials we process, we can send the commodities directly to the mills, skipping third-party brokers and getting our customers the best return. When you combine your specialized recycling program with our bulk selling power, your bottom line benefits.

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