Files, financials, and records—every organization has them and often struggles with the age-old question: How can we eliminate them? When we throw items away, we may incur risk. And if we keep these items, we have storage. The solution is Confidential Onsite Paper Shredding (C.O.P.S.), our convenient mobile shredding division that makes it easy for you to shred and recycle.

Here’s how it works. We provide you with a secure container that you keep at your organization or residence. Don’t worry, we’ve got many styles, and you can have as many as you need. From single, small bins to large commercial containers, our many sizes fit all needs. Place recyclables in your container(s) and each month, one of our mobile shredding trucks will come to collect. They’ll come on the same day each month or more frequently if needed, and you’ll be charged based on the container and collection needs. Materials will be shredded onsite and recycled.

We understand that regulations and the security of your materials are critical. Our patented technology makes documents impossible to reconstruct, and it’s done instantly onsite. 

At C.O.P.S., we take pride in our affiliations and certifications that speak to our commitment to security and quality. We are a proud National Association of Information Destruction (N.A.I.D.) member and have achieved its highest rating, A.A.A. Our customers can trust us to meet the most stringent security requirements. Additionally, our affiliation with Midwest Fiber Recycling ensures that we have access to the best material recovery facilities in the area, further enhancing our commitment to responsible recycling.

When we talk about shredding, many think it’s only paper. However, those are not the only files that often need to be destroyed. We offer hard drive and media destruction services as well. When it must be destroyed, we are the ones to call. Remember that if you have occasional recycling needs, you can always take advantage of our drop and shred days at locations. For locations and images, click here. We also support community shredding days throughout the Midwest so everyone can take advantage of our services.

Both commercial and residential destruction services are offered throughout the Midwest. Our service area extends from Illinois Interstate 80 to Interstate 70 and Indiana to Missouri. Contact our experts today to see if we can help you securely and conveniently shred and recycle.