Midwest Fiber’s Proven Recycling Process

Over the following several blogs, the Midwest Fiber newsletter will present a three-part series on our Proven Process. We’ll walk you through each step to help you understand the strategy and philosophy behind what makes our business work and our customers successful in their recycling programs.

As the saying goes, you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. It’s just as important when talking about you’re recycling program. That’s why the first step in the Midwest Fiber Proven Process is “Analysis.”

Step 1: Analysis

Our specialists will meet with you to discuss your current practices and challenges and your goals and objectives. Some partners are looking for consistent reporting to help with compliance. Others are frustrated with the lack of transparency in their pricing or the delay in getting materials picked up. With over 30 years of experience, we can begin to develop a specialized plan just for your company.

Once that discussion and analysis are completed, we move on to “Alignment.” This is where we take all the information and data that we learn from your team and collaborate to create a solution specific to your goals. From our evaluation, we’ll be able to adjust, add or remove procedures to maximize efficiencies and revenue in your entire process. When everyone agrees, the contract is executed, and your company is on its way to a successful recycling program.

Are you looking to re-evaluate your recycling program? Contact the experts at Midwest Fiber and get started with our Proven Process today.

Recycling Advantages for Businesses

We know that recycling is good for the planet – but there are a lot of benefits to businesses beyond positive environmental impact. When your company has a successful recycling plan, it benefits your bottom line! A successful program can bring money in – your recyclables are valuable commodities. Disposing of waste costs money, too, but recycling can turn some of that expense into a revenue stream! Click here to check out some of the many industries that we work with.

Check out this podcast from Heartland Community College about recycling behind the scenes with Midwest Fiber’s own Marie Streenz!


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