Container Line

What Happens here?

Once the cross belt magnet has separated the steel cans, the materials continue on the container line for manual separation. Staff here is sorting plastics by type. For example #2 plastics like milk jugs are separated in one area, #5 plastics like butter tubs and yogurt containers in another, and so on. The last sort on the container line is quality control to ensure all materials we have sorted for so far, have been captured.

How it works:

Staff on the container line all have a specific type of plastic they are sorting. One person is in charge of #2 plastics without dyes or colorings, like milk jugs. Another person is in charge of #2 plastics with dyes and colorings, like detergent and fabric softener bottles. The last person on the container line is quality control. This person is sorting the items that mistakenly made it there like books and boxes that weren’t flattened. Other things this person is looking for are things that the sorting staff before him may have missed.

Where are the materials going next?

After quality control, anything left on the belt is trash, #1 PET bottles, or aluminum. These items go on to the Eddy Current which is sorting aluminum.