Polishing Screen

What Happens here?

After material leaves the News Screen, the Polishing Screen sorts them by dimension. 2-D items move to the Fiber Line and 3-D items are going to the Container Line.

How it works:

The Polishing Screen works similarly to the OCC Screen in that it has a series of spinning discs that help to move material. The steep incline of the machine also helps to send 3-D items down to the bottom of the machine. Those items fall between the spinning discs and fall on to a belt which takes them to the Container Line. Similarly, the paper that moves upward and over the top of the spinning discs, falls on to a belt that takes them to the Fiber Line.

Where are the materials going next?

The 3-D materials are going to the Container Line where they will be separated further. The 2-D materials are going to the Fiber Line to be sorted through for contaminants.