What Happens here?

As materials are sorted, they are placed into large holding bunkers below the sorters. As those bunkers fill, a signal is sent to the operator of the baler which tells him it is time to bale a given material. The baler makes dense cubes of one material at a time, ties the bale with thick wire and pushes it out to be stored before shipping.

How it works:

As holding bunkers become full and that item needs to be baled, the operator of the baler will send a signal to the bunker for it to open its door. The door opens and material is either gravity fed or moved by a walking floor, out on to the main belt. The main belt runs along in between the holding bunkers. Material is fed into the baler and made into bales weighing anywhere from 1200 to 1800 pounds each. Bales are stored until they are loaded on trucks and train cars to be shipped to mills.

Where are the materials going next?

Bales of each material are stored together awaiting semi trucks or train cars to take them to be made into new materials.