Tip Floor

What Happens here?

The Tip Floor is where materials are unloaded from various trucks. Materials are picked up by an end-loader and taken to the Metering Bin at the back of the room. The Metering Bin is the first machine in the sorting process here at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

How it works:

Private haulers, municipal trucks, and Midwest Fiber’s own collection trucks enter the facility and weigh on the truck scale. Then, the trucks are unloaded, or tipped, on the Tip Floor. The end loader picks up the materials and places them in the Metering Bin, aka a drum feeder. The Metering Bin churns the materials and sets them out on a conveyor belt at an even constant depth of about 6 to 8 inches. The materials travel on this belt up to the second story of the building to be sorted.

Where are the materials going next?

After leaving the Tip Floor and Metering Bin, the materials are headed to the Pre-Sort to begin their sorting journey.