Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You receive a large package of company supplies in the mail, and now have the task of making sure the cardboard box finds its way to the recycle bin/dumpster. You walk to the dumpster, open the lid, and discover that yours wasn’t the only cardboard box that the business received in the past week.


In fact, there isn’t any more room for your rather bulky item, so you flatten it as best you can, and cram it in the largest space available. Your good deed completed for the day, you venture back into the office to tackle the next project.


This can be a common occurrence with commercial recycling, especially for businesses that generate a lot of cardboard, bottles, and other 3-dimensional items.


But recycling doesn’t have to be difficult! Let’s take a look at one of the bulkiest recyclable items; cardboard, and see what solutions companies are finding helpful for their programs.



If you’re generating enough cardboard to completely fill a dumpster within a couple of days, then it may be time to consider renting or purchasing a baler or compactor.


How can this help you?


With 27 years of experience in assisting businesses increase their recycling program’s profitability, Midwest Fiber’s team of experts are able to give you further insight into the benefits of baling material, or suggest other effective solutions that work for your company. We can show you how recycling is made easy! 



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