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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability…the buzz word of 2006 that’s still buzzing. What is this term that’s come to define everything from reducing water usage to increasing business profit?


Look up the word sustainability online, and the descriptions that appear include jargon, hackneyed, misused, overused, and well…I think you get the picture.

For the purpose of defining a term that’s not so vague, let’s talk about environmental sustainability and the general principles behind it.


At Midwest Fiber, we believe the best definitions of environmental sustainability include:


  • Meeting present needs without compromising the ability to meet future needs.
  • Being environmentally responsible, keeping in mind the long-term effects our actions might have on our future environment.
  • Treating your environment and its natural resources much like you would your living room and your personal bank account.

In other words, it means being a good steward of the resources that we’re given.

By recycling, people make environmental sustainability part of their lifestyle…getting the most good out of each recyclable item.

Remember, environmental sustainability isn’t just our business…it’s everybody’s business.


For a complete listing of what can be recycled, and to access easy recycling tips, click here.



what is sustainability

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Friday, 14 August 2020

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Recycling benefits the air and water by creating a net reduction in ten major categories of air pollutants and eight major categories of water pollutants.