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Snow, Snow, and More Snow

It's fluffy, it's white, and it's everywhere! This winter has brought quite a few surprises, with frigid temperatures and an abundance of precipitation. Whether you're enjoying the snow with skiing, snowboarding, sledding, days off school, etc..., or wishing it would just melt, the sparkling white blanket remains.


Like many others, I'm ready to see green grass again. However, from the recent weather forecast, it looks like we'll see more snow first. When I heard that more snow was coming (fighting back the initial feeling of frusteration), I tried to think of a high point for snow (excluding Mount Everest). And the good news is, snow can be reused as chilled water!


Rain barrels can be utilized as snow barrels in the winter when you're shoveling the snow from your driveway. Then, as warmer weather approaches, there's extra water on hand to use for watering plants, rinsing the car before a wash, cleaning mud off your shoes, and so on.


So, the next time there is snow predicted in the forecast, just think of all the extra water you could have. And even better news: spring is on its way!!


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Thursday, 13 August 2020

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