The 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) are an increasingly common theme today. While all 3 work together to limit waste and promote sustainability, each category has its own unique skill set.


For example, when dealing with waste reduction, critical thinking is needed to plan stream-line processes that create the least amount of waste possible. When reusing material, creativity is a vital part of coming up with new purposes for common materials, and recycling takes on an economical and commercial role in waste reduction.


It's always exciting to see real-life examples in each of the 3 R categories, and we’re excited to share one from this summer!


When it comes to creatively reusing material for art projects, the Decatur Area Arts Council has it down! When their summer kid's camp projects called for chipboard, Midwest Fiber was privileged to contribute by providing craft supplies.


And the artistic genius that came from plain pieces of chipboard is amazing!



Decatur Arts Council