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Spring Cleaning and Recycling


Spring Cleaning


As you and your family enjoy the last few days of spring break, are you in the process of the dreaded spring cleaning? Maybe you have a knack for organization, and tackling spring cleaning is easy with a fool proof strategy of unbridled efficiency, or perhaps you don’t let clutter happen in your home.


However, if you're like a lot of us, spring cleaning is a much needed ritual. Whether it happens gradually, or during one massive cleaning operation, don’t forget that the recycle bin is your friend. It’s surprising how much material doesn’t have to fill the trash can when a recycling strategy is present.



5 common clutter items that are recyclable:



Spring Cleaning

1) Stack of newspapers- If you regularly receive printed copies of your favorite newspaper, these can accumulate pretty quickly. While it may be enjoyable to reminisce over year-old news reports, most people don’t have the extra time or storage space for this activity. If newspapers become part of spring cleaning, have the recycle bin handy, because they’re 100% recyclable!



2) Old cards- Do you save all of your Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Thank you cards, and all other categories of Hallmark messages? Eventually, it’s time to pull out the goodbye card, and thin out the stack. While paper cards are recyclable, there are many creative reuse options for old cards, so don’t forget to keep some around for craft time. Otherwise, please recycle.



3) Notebook paper- Whether you use notebook paper or sticky notes for grocery lists, to-do summaries, or recipe details, eventually information gets dated and recycling is necessary. However, if you’re cleaning out papers containing confidential data, please don’t put those in the recycle bin. To protect your identity, click here to learn more about our sister company, COPS Paper Shredding.



4) Paper folders- If your kids use paper folders for school, there probably comes a time when the folders need to be replaced. If they’re made from 100% paper material, these can also go in the recycle bin.



5) Cardboard boxes- Do you frequently order on-line items? Then most likely you receive packaging boxes, which can also accumulate and take up space. If you have reuse options for the boxes, that’s the best option. If it’s time to dispose of them, lengthen their product life by choosing the recycle bin.




Hopefully this information helps your spring cleaning endeavors, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about other recyclable materials!




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Recycling prevents habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion associated with logging and mining.