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Organizing after the New Year

For many people, beginning the New Year brings the desire to start with a clean slate when it comes to clutter.


Somehow, it doesn’t seem right to leave last year’s mess for this year, so commonly pursued resolutions are to clean out, de-clutter, purge, and so on. There’s nothing like starting new projects and tasks with a clean and organized work space!


While this is the digital age, much of the clutter that fills our file cabinets and desk drawers is still the tangible form of record keeping that we all know and love…paper!


Whether you like to have a large clean-out for your paper collection that’s accompanied by the satisfying thud as the massive pile hits the bottom of the recycle bin, or de-clutter in stages throughout the year to avoid parting with all of your files at once, remember to incorporate security measures into your purge plan.


If the documents you want to recycle contain any pieces of confidential information, it’s always best to shred before recycling.


While recycled paper does eventually end up as pulp, there are multiple steps between the document leaving your bin and entering the pulping process. If there’s even one opportunity for your information to fall into the wrong hands, that’s one opportunity too many.


Take steps to protect your identity by either using your office shredder to destroy confidential documents, getting locked bins provided by a contracted shredding vendor like our sister company, COPS Paper Shredding, or finding a drop-off shredding location that will efficiently shred large quantities of paper for you.


Then, as you venture into the New Year, you’ve accomplished an exhaustive clean-out operation as well as taken security measures to protect information. And don’t forget the green measures that help the environment. Suddenly, that one New Year’s resolution to get organized just multiplied into three! Yes, you are just that good!!


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Sunday, 19 September 2021

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