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Labor Day is Coming!

How much do you know about the origin of Labor Day? Would this be you in the following scenario?


Some friends of yours decided to have a trivia night, and everyone is gathered around a table with soda and snacks. The scores are tied with two more questions to go, and it’s your team’s turn to answer. Finishing the last refreshing swig of soda, you throw the can into your friend’s recycle bin. With Labor Day quickly approaching, you can’t help but remember that recycling creates up to 1.1 million U.S. jobs.


Ironically, the trivia question that your team chooses is about Labor Day!


“In which city was Labor Day first observed in the United States?”


Your team apprehensively looks your way, and your reassuring glance puts them at ease.


“New York City,” you answer confidently. And you’re correct!


Now it’s the opposing team’s turn, and they pull another question about Labor Day from the well-mixed stack of trivia cards.


“Which U.S. state was the first to declare Labor Day as an official holiday in 1887?”


The team across the table makes a guess, but unfortunately not the right one.  For the second time, your friends hope that you have an idea. You don’t disappoint them.


“Oregon,” you state with no pun intended.


Your team shrieks with excitement as they double-check the answer on the back of the card. It's correct! The game is over, and everyone goes away with some knowledge about Labor Day.


While your trivia experience may be slightly different from the one described above, hopefully these fun facts about Labor Day will come in handy!  

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Guest - Donna on Friday, 28 August 2015 23:15

Love the Labor Day humor.

Love the Labor Day humor.
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Mining is the world's most deadly occupation. On average, 40 mine workers are killed on the job each day, and many more are injured. Recycling reduces the need for mining.