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Getting Creative with Spring Cleaning!

Excitement mounts as the spring season approaches. Most of us are counting down the days until warm weather, outdoor activities, green grass, and sunshine.


In addition to preparing for warmer temperatures, it's the time of year for spring cleaning!! I don't know about you, but I find myself wondering what to do with all of the t-shirts that are piled in my closet.


I use some of them for painting and working outdoors, but there are also crafts that allow old t-shirts to be reused.


So get ready for some fun with t-shirt flowers!


t-shirt flowers 2


Materials Needed:


  • Old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Cut a strip out of the t-shirt.

Step 2: Thread your needle, and make a running stitch all along one of the strip's edges.

Step 3: When you reach the end of the strip, cut your thread and knot it. Then, gather the ruffle, and roll it into a swirl shape.

Step 4: When the swirl is complete, take your glue gun, and glue the back of the flower.

Step 5: Voila! You just made a beautiful flower that can be used as a pin, hair accessory (see picture below), decoration, etc...


t-shirt headband


Have a wonderful spring!

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Sunday, 16 May 2021

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