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Fun Ways to Reuse Christmas Cards

It's the time of year for Christmas cards! Although it can be a bit stressful getting your cards made and ready to send out, it's always fun to receive recent pictures of family and friends. It's also sad how quickly the holiday season passes, which is why I was excited to find the following ideas for how to reuse Christmas cards and enjoy them all year!


Do you like using contact pictures on your phone? If so, try taking a snap shot of your friends' Christmas card pictures, and save them to your phone contacts. Then, you will be able to see your friends' smiling faces long after the Christmas season.


Another fun way to reuse your cards is to cut them out in a circular shape, and glue them to your canning jar lids. This is a fun craft if you want a decorated canning jar for yourself, or to use as a gift.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!                                      Christmas Card Pictures




                                                                                                                                          Christmas Card Jar Tops

A Hairy Solution
It's a Wrap!


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Friday, 14 August 2020

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Recycling helps families save money, especially in communities with pay-as-you-throw programs.