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Celebrating America Recycles Day

Did you know that November 15th, 2015 marks the 18th anniversary of America Recycles Day?!


For a time dedicated to promoting the social and economic benefits of recycling, what are some fun and easy ways to celebrate? Let's start with a few ideas:


  • Decorate your single-stream bin with posters, preferably using paper or other recyclable materials.
  • To raise awareness at the office, create a small display table showing what your recyclable materials become.
  • Initiate a 12-hour waste challenge! See who creates the least waste in one day.
  • If the kids are looking for some Saturday fun, organize a town-wide scavenger hunt. Break up into teams, and see which group can collect the most milk jugs or metal cans for recycling!
  • Review your grocery list. Look at packaging for items that you buy at the store, and see how many are recyclable. If the package isn’t recyclable, are there other options? For example, eggs are sold in both Styrofoam and paper cartons.
  • Conduct an office or home recycling audit. Are there any recyclable materials than never make it to the recycling bin? Think of ways to encourage recycling by making it more convenient for family members or employees. For example, are multiple containers used for high volume material, such as paper or plastic bottles?
  • Enjoy the day!


Pic for America Recycles Day

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Recycling benefits the air and water by creating a net reduction in ten major categories of air pollutants and eight major categories of water pollutants.