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Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a concept that has gained popularity through the years, mostly because it's a great way to save money, but also because it's environmentally friendly.




Anytime that you purchase a large amount of items in one package, less packaging material is required overall, making less waste to throw away.


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Buying food items in bulk:


Whether you’re looking to save money, reduce food waste, or reduce packaging, bulk foods are for you! When you go shopping at a store that carries food items in bulk, you're typically saving anywhere from 30% to 75% per ounce on average. This is huge for a family looking to shave a little off the grocery bill every month. The store can offer this savings by negotiating a better price with the producer, which saves shipping and packaging costs. Packaging can add an average of 9% to the cost of an item.



 Other good items to buy in bulk:


1) Office supplies- When your pen runs out of ink, and your notepad runs out of paper, it's always good to have extra on hand. To leave an even larger green footprint, you can find office supplies that are made from recycled material.


2) Toilet Paper- You can't go wrong with extra toilet paper!! Having more of this on hand doesn't mean you'll need to use more, but you won't have to buy it as often...and when you do buy it in bulk, you're saving money on packaging and cost per roll. paper towels 161706


3) Soaps and Shampoos- Do you remember the last time you smelled a rotten bar of soap? Probably not! Soap and shampoo never get old, and they can be easily stored.


4) Laundry Detergent- This is a great item to buy in bulk, since it's carefully measured for each load of laundry. As a result, having more on hand won't cause you to use more, but it'll make the initial purchase cheaper.


Remember, buying in bulk can save you and the manufacturers time, money, gas, air emissions, and packaging costs.

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