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For some it can’t come soon enough. For others, it encroaches like the outer wall of a storm front. Either way, a new school year is just around the corner!


Growing up, one of the most exciting parts of the back-to-school season was shopping for school supplies. Well, it was exciting for some of us. Not necessarily for the one scouring the store for every last item on the supply checklist, while avoiding near cart collisions in the store’s highest traffic area.


The good news is, purchasing products made from recycled materials narrows down the search considerably, and promotes a good use of resources! In fact, buying these products creates demand for the materials collected in curbside programs, and prevents those materials from ending up in landfills.


Benefits that are most commonly discussed concerning the manufacturing and purchasing of recycled products include:


  1. Reducing waste and pollution.
  2. Conserving landfill space.
  3. Saving money and creating jobs.
  4. Using less energy and fewer new resources.


We wish you all the best with your back-to-school shopping!



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Sunday, 09 August 2020

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It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to make it from raw materials. Making recycled steel saves 60%, recycled newspaper 40%, recycled plastics 70%, and recycled glass 40%. These savings far outweigh the energy created as by-products of incineration and landfilling.