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An Act of Kindness

The concept of reusing materials does not always refer to financial, environmental, or economic benefits. Although these are valid reasons to recycle, sometimes reusing materials is done with the purpose of serving others. I don't know about you, but I think that is a wonderful reason!


This story comes from my experience working at a nursing home, and the "materials" that I'm referring to are flowers...lots and lots of flowers. Part of my job was to create enjoyable activities for the residents. That is why I was thrilled when a local flower shop donated all the flowers that had reached their "expiration date," and were ready for the dumpster.


Someone from the store had the idea of taking the flowers to the nursing home where I worked, so the residents could enjoy them. And enjoy them they did! I had the privilege of separating the flowers, putting them in vases, and distributing them to residents' rooms. I never would have guessed how much a bouquet could brighten someone's day, but I got to see it first-hand from all the smiling faces!


The flowers lasted a few more days after that, filling the rooms with a sweet fragrance. Not only was this a wonderful way to reuse something, it was a random act of kindness from a local business. I know that throwing the flowers away would've been easier than transporting them to a nursing home, but the value wasn't measured in dollars. Nor could it be; it was far too valuable!!


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Sunday, 09 August 2020

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Two years after calling recycling a $40 million drain on the city, New York City leaders realized that a redesigned, efficient recycling system could actually save the city $20 million and they have now signed a 20-year recycling contract.