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2016 Recycling Totals

2017 Totals

As Central Illinois’ largest full-service recycler serving areas including Bloomington IL, Champaign IL, Decatur IL, Peoria IL, Springfield IL, and Terre Haute IN, Midwest Fiber Recycling specializes in helping our customers reduce waste costs, increase efficiencies, and maximize dollars earned on recyclable materials.

How much material was recycled at Midwest Fiber in 2016?

Because of the excellent work that businesses and municipalities continue to display with their recycling programs, we are excited to report 325,882,000 pounds of materials recycled in 2016! The commodities were shipped to mills around the world and used to make new products. Plastic water bottles become carpet, milk jugs turn into plastic decking, and fiber is made into a variety of paper products.


What would over 300 Million pounds of material look like?

This is an amount of material that could completely cover 100 football fields, and fill an entire football stadium from bottom to dome. Thanks to your recycling initiatives, it was all kept out of the landfill!


Document Destruction in 2016

When it comes to document destruction and on-site shredding, our sister company, COPS Paper Shredding, had another productive year of data security. Shredding nearly 706,628,500 sheets of paper containing confidential information, COPS continues to help companies keep their documents out of the wrong hands.

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A national recycling rate of 30% reduces greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing nearly 25 million cars from the road.