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Equipment Sales


For your convenience, Midwest Fiber Recycling can personally assist with the rental and/or purchase of equipment for the most cost-efficient methods of recycling.


equipment sales


Contact a Midwest Fiber Recycling representative to conduct a personal evaluation of your company’s recycling equipment needs: (800) 779-6977.

Collection Containers


For your convenience, Midwest Fiber Recycling offers a number of collection options including toters, rear load containers, balers, and more.

Rear Load Containers


rear load containerRear load containers are used for the storage and collection of various types of recyclables for small to medium size companies. A Midwest Fiber Recycling representative can help you determine the type and size of containers your business needs.

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Gaylord Boxes

gaylord boxGaylord boxes are provided at no charge as long as they are returned to Midwest Fiber. These boxes are used to collect various types of material from small and large suppliers and hold approximately 400 to 700 pounds of paper. A Midwest Fiber representative can help determine your business’s needs.
Measurements: 40" wide x 48" long x 36" tall


toterToters are used to collect various types of material from small volume customers and hold approximately 250 pounds of paper. Contact a Midwest Fiber representative to discuss your needs.
Measurements: 96 gallon / 35.25" long x 29.75" wide x 43.25" tall


balerBalers are traditionally recommended for medium to large volume businesses or businesses with bulky items. Following a Recycling Assessment, a Midwest Fiber representative can suggest baler types and sizes, and handling recommendations that will fit your needs.

Call today to discuss how a baler can help your organization, “go green and save green.”











In the U.S., processing minerals contributes almost half of all reported toxic emissions from industry, sending 1.5 million tons of pollution into the air and water each year. Recycling can significantly reduce these emissions.

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