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My husband works for his father at the family business in town. He has always been adamant about shopping at local businesses and supporting the local economy and really pushes that with anyone he comes in contact with. I was not the local shopper type when I met him and found this a little annoying. "Seriously, you're telling me I have to go to 4 different places for my groceries and other things I need?", I would say. His argument is that the lifeline of the community is the local business. Over the years, I have come to love the local businesses and make it a point to shop there, even if it costs more, and even if I have to go to several different places for the things I need.


But, why? Why would anyone do this if super center big-box stores have everything you need in one place? Or you could shop online and not have to go anywhere at all. I decided to do a little digging and find out what this local lifeline is and if it really makes a difference.


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As the 4th of July holiday nears and everyone is gearing up for parties and barbeques, I would like to take a minute to reflect on the history of recycling in this country. Recycling isn't a new idea brought on by the "Green Revolution". America was made stronger through re-use and recycling. Don't believe me? Just take a look at wartime efforts.




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I recently had the pleasure of throwing a party at my home for my son's first birthday. We all know a first birthday party is really for the parents to celebrate keeping their sanity during the first year, but I digress. I have thrown many parties before, so I am a seasoned veteran of most green things you can do for a party. For example: I have washable plastic plates, reusable silverware, re-usable table cloths, recycle bins, drinks that are served in re-usable glasses, and other beverages that come in recyclable containers. Rarely is there much waste at a party at my house.


Now, did I mention that this birthday party was HUGE? I have never had 65 people at my house for a party before. Nor did I ever have to figure in the catering fiasco. Does the chicken really have to come in a paper box that I can't recycle due to grease? Why does the shredded beef have to be shrink-wrapped in plastic? And don't forget the "mom factor". This refers not to me but to my mom who can find a way to get involved in anything. She did find some awesome pop-up recycle bins that we were able to use in various places in the yard and garage (and are reusable for future parties I might add). But she also wanted heavy duty paper plates, plastic silverware, and way more paper napkins than I will use in a lifetime.


These days everyone is trying to get you to implement their "easy steps to success" for multiple things. I am not here to tell you how to be perfect in any way or to tell you that you need x, y, or z to be successful in life or love. My goal is simple. I want to offer a glimpse into the life of a self –proclaimed "greenie" to share stories of the complexities and struggles in my everyday greenish life. I hope that I can share some fun, insight, and ideas that you can take with you and share with others and to share your stories with me. I call this blog Greening Steps because that is what it is. This is a way for us to take steps forward that are more sustainable. Like babies taking their first steps of freedom, we can get up and take small steps toward greening our lives. We may stumble and fall but ultimately, we are going somewhere. Maybe we don't quite know exactly where that is, but we can continue taking baby steps to get us there.


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Mining is the world's most deadly occupation. On average, 40 mine workers are killed on the job each day, and many more are injured. Recycling reduces the need for mining.

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